To give the bionic bicycle saddle a place on the desk, we have converted the saddle into a mobile phone holder.

Mobile working has become part of everyday life for many.

Our mobile phone holder BIMO supports you in this. It gives you a free hand for video or telephone conferences, for example. Because your mobile phone takes up a comfortable position for you on its elastic saddle surface. In addition, your mobile phone can connect to other devices via the USB cable and can also be charged. The magnetic adapter plug is supplied in the three standard versions (USB-C, Micro-USB, iPhone) and allows you to remove the mobile phone at any time and to put it back on again without any major cable tangle.

The mobile phone holder BIMO was completely additive manufactured in one step and comes out of the machine fully functional.

We show with the mobile phone holder BIMO

  • Our creativity
  • Our system competence in kinematics and mechanics
  • Our design know-how, among other things in additive manufacturing
  • The possibilities of additive manufacturing to realize complicated scopes and functions in one manufacturing step, especially: kinematics, flexible structures, individual surfaces
  • The simple individualization of products by means of additive manufacturing
  • The possibilities of topology optimization, especially for lightweight design - ideal support structures with less material usage