In addition to our regular industrial markets, we are very happy to work on projects in other business sectors.

At the end of 2020, we addressed the issue of deer browsing of young plants together with our business partners neo-plastic Dr. Doetsch GmbH and KDS. In a close cooperation we developed a bite protection that grows with the main shoot (i.e. does not need to be constantly readjusted). It is bio-based and biodegradable under contact with the soil, thus leaving no residue. After several field trials with different prototypes, we started the injection mould at the beginning of 2023 and were able to start field trials with the bio-based, biodegradable material again in mid-2023. In the third quarter of 2023, we were then ready to go into production and marketing of the bite protection.

Bite Protection CroPro - Grows With The Plant:

Simple assembling of the bite protection CroPro to the main shoot | Photo: neo-plastic Dr Doetsch Diespeck GmbH   Attached bite protection CroPro - It grows with the plant | Photo: neo-plastic Dr Doetsch Diespeck GmbH   CAD-picture of bite protection CroPro
Photos: neo-plastic Dr. Doetsch Diepeck GmbH

Here you can download the flyer of the bite protection CroPro:

Flyer Bite Protection CroPro

Flyer Bite Protection CroPro - Grows With The Plant