For the research project Daedalus we have taken over the mechanical design of the socalled "SpaceSeed". We also provided our facilities and supported the project with 3D printed components.


More about the research project can be found here:

The project Daedalus is a research project of students of the JMU Würzburg within the framework of the REXUS / BEXUS student programs. In cooperation with the DLR (German Aerospace Center), SNSB (Swedish National Space Board) and ESA (European Space Agency), the students develop the "SpaceSeed", with the support of ESA, DLR and industry experts. The look is inspired by the natural shape of the maple seed.

Under the supervision of Professor Kayal of the Aerospace Technology Professorship, the "SpaceSeeds" will fly to the edge of space on board of the REXUS 23 rocket in March 2018. On their way back, it will measure basic atmospheric data and send it to the ground control.